Birth of Venice, California

I’m Scott, a writer based in Seattle, WA. I write marketing copy in many forms. Working within the style and voice of the brand, I thrive on the challenge to find big ideas. Using the campaign strategy, I build a strong message by understanding the audience, knowing the message medium, and making every word count. What are the essential parts to the story? What is the one kernel we want readers to take with them? Where is the connection?

Clear communication helps us connect, whether through story, the benefits of a new product, or a clear call-to-action button. How we communicate affects how we relate. I help brands relate to people.

Other less serious stuff: I used to be a saucier. My butter sauces were the best. Perhaps that’s why I’m now allergic to dairy. I can play any position on the soccer pitch well. Sometimes I ride a scooter with a gold fleck helmet. Other times, I like to snap photos on my Grandmother's Canon TX from the '60's. Someday, I’ll return to Valhalla, which in my case is pre-2005 Ballard, WA.

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